Should I upgrade by ABSS (fka MYOB) Accounting Software?

21 August, 2019



If you are using an older version of MYOB (now known as ABSS) in Singapore and Malaysia, you probably ask yourself many times that will it be necessary to upgrade to the latest version?

There are factors affecting your decision but long story short, if you are using a non-supported version of ABSS, then you should be considering upgrading your ABSS.

From Jan 1st 2019, ABSS will no longer support older versions. The table below indicates which versions are affected, you may continue to use your existing software as per usual, but technical support team will no longer be able to support you.

ABSS Product Latest Version Other Supported Versions Non-Supported Versions
ABSS Accounting V27 V26,V25,V24 <V24
ABSS Premier V22 V21,V20,V19 <V19
ABSS RetailManager V12 V10 V7
ABSS Payroll V10 V9,V8 <V8

Other than having the latest, most effective version, here are a few reasons to upgrade:


If you are having any doubt of the latest features or functionality, please approach our friendly consultants and we will be really happy to share with you more.